Lifestyle Stories

Lifestyle Stories

RCB is an amazing RV Resort in North Indio, CA. Located between Terra Lago Golf Course and the Fantasy Springs Casino, it can only be considered as an 'active' 55+ resort with so many activities and things to do the winter months just fly by. The nice part is you can choose to be as busy as you like or just lounge by one of six swimming pools. Highly recommended for anybody who wants lots of choices to stay active in the warmth of the desert.

John Lund, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

When we retired nine years ago we decided to spend some time in California and Arizona with our 5th wheel and try the snowbird lifestyle. Our first month was booked in RCB based on recommendations from a regular customer in our drug store. We arrived at our corner pad across from Satellite D and that is when RCB happened to us. Within ten minutes of parking on our site, we had three invitations from the neighbours at RCB. The neighbour on one side said he was picking us up in his golf cart in 15 minutes and taking us to the Saturday hamburgers and drinks at Club House One. The neighbour across the street arrived with a bottle of champagne and welcomed us to hole #14, which we later found out was Dooley’s Champagne hole. Then a guy stopped by on his way home from the Saturday morning scramble and asked my wife if I golfed. She said yes so he said he would pick me up at 8 AM Tuesday to golf at the Vineyards Golf course. She didn’t even know his name or lot number. Needless to say there was no need to move on to Arizona. We bought our Park Model within three months after enjoying all the activities and very friendly folks at RCB. For nine years now we have been living the good live here at RCB.

Dan Friesen, BC, Canada

There are many things that make winter at RCB so special. The beautiful scenery we enjoy from morning to night makes us remember why we decided to spend our winters here. It is so tranquil from the hustle-bustle of the busy life outside the gates of RCB...and you just never know what you might see while golfing this beautiful 18-hole par 3 course, like a low-flying hot-air balloon or the Good Year blimp while it leaves after covering one of the great PGA tournaments held in the Coachella Valley.

Charlene Stephens

We have been coming to RCB for 25 years and been an owner for 16 years. We RV'ed for about 10 years before finding Rancho Casa Blanca. This has got to be the best place to own property. You have everything, golf, pools, clubhouses, shuffleboard, tennis and pickleball to name a few. All things are 100% excellent. The HOA dues are reasonable. One outstanding thing about RCB, is the very friendly people. We feel people who have been RV'ers at a time in their life, are of a friendly and helpful mindset. This is definetly exemplified at Rancho Casa Blanca.

Larry Vickers, Colorado, USA

We arrived in RCB in March, 2008 as renters of an RV site. Three weeks later we owned a park model and have never looked back. RCB is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind living environment. On entering the park one is attracted to the lush lawns, flowers, and other landscaping. The golf course is immaculate. The streets, physical facilities and other infrastructure are perfect. Then one finds how much of other things an active senior has access to. But, even all of this does not explain what makes the park unique. It does not take long to realize you are part of an 801 site collection of “family”. You know your neighbors. While walking or biking you are constantly greeted by “good morning or great day or have a nice day”. You know people by name or face. You may not dine or drink with everyone but you view everyone as “family”. As I say, this is unique and it is comfortable.

Gary Sorenson, Oregon, USA