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Popcorn and Coffee

Please bear in mind that Coffee and Popcorn is by donation, not free.

Notice to Dog Owners

The property across avenue 44 from the gate is tribal land and animal control provides services to the tribe. All RCB members must keep their dogs on a leash anywhere in the county. 

There is a dog park half a block north of RCB on Golf Center Parkway, next to the fire hall.

Emergency Preparedness

The Committee has arranged RCB's 801 sites into seven sectors. In the event of a major disaster Fourteen Sector Captains will be activated to be the eyes and ears of our emergency operations. They will survey the residents in their sectors for significant physical injury and damage and then report their findings to the Emergency Operating Centre for action. To facilitate their survey Sector Captains will provide a white flag to each resident and instructions for it's use. A white flag planted in front of the site means everything is okay while no flag means help is needed.

Any questions contact Dave Lowe 760-238-7666.

​Needs for the Needy

The Needs for the Needy will come thru the Park every Friday to pick up what ever you want picked up! Just contact (347-1999) in office to give your name and site number. Clubhouse two Laundry room still has a closet for clothes to be dropped off.